Block Captains - UTCW has partnered with resident volunteers to create a strong presence. There is a Block Captain for each street and some street have Co-Captains assigned.

Volunteers-In-Patrol (VIP) - Is a non-confrontational patrol program that is comprised of residents who have attend a Dallas Police Program who use their own vehicles to patrol our area. This program trains volunteers to observe and report suspicious and criminal activity. If you are interested in patrolling please email us at Next training - will be a three day training on Monday August 13, Tuesday August 14, and Thursday August 16, from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Northeast Division police station located at 9915 E NW Hwy.

Email Alerts

E-Alert - Includes most recent neighborhood crime activity information. To receive this alert please email

Email Us


Abridged verson of E-Alert, for those without email access. Updated weekly (214.967.5180 24/7).


Published by resident volunteer - distributed quarterly by the block captains, includes crime activity details, prevention and safety tips, and other neighborhood newsworthy items.

Crime Alert Signs

If you see the signs up this means there has been a recent crime incident in the neighborhood. Call the Hotline at 214.967.5180 to get updated information. Signs are placed at the corrner of Trammel/Bucknell and Trammel/Wake Forrest.

Crimewatch Fall Party

Held annually and purpose is to get to know your neighbors! We thank everyone for supporting our efforts by volunteering, sending donations and providing items for the party - such as chairs, tables, coolers, etc. We appreciate everyone's contribution in making our neighborhood safe!